’82 career wins’ Woods…’The secret to my success is clutch discipline’

Who’s the most powerful athlete under pressure?

Tiger Woods (USA), the Emperor of Golf. No one is more clutch than Woods. Woods has had a lot of success under adverse conditions. When the pressure is on, Woods tends to perform at his best. It”s been said that he has a “clutch gene”. It’s what has helped the 47-year-old win 82 career PGA Tour titles, including 15 majors.

Woods turned professional in 1996 and has produced countless memorable moments in his 27-year career. His hole-in-one at the Greater Milwaukee Open in his debut in 1996, his incredible approach at the 2005 Masters, and his clutch putt at the 2008 U.S. Open. 토토사이트

Woods has a winning instinct. When he smells it, he’s done. When he sees an opportunity to be on top, he takes it. Other players get overly nervous and crumble. The grass dies. Losers say, “You’re born with the ability to clutch.” But the reason Woods became the best he was is because he practiced clutch situations repeatedly.

Woods trains by setting up hypothetical clutch situations. He says, “When I practice, I focus. I pretend I’m playing against Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, and Sam Snead (USA),” he says, revealing his method. Of course, it’s not easy to treat every practice like a tournament setting. But Woods takes the time to train like it’s going to happen. He envisions pressure-filled scenarios and puts them into practice.

“Every practice session always ends on a high note,” Woods said, explaining his unique training regimen, “because I always win against my heroes, the legends I grew up playing against.” Woods also sets up challenging situations in his practice rounds. On the final 18 holes of the tournament, the ones that can seal the victory, he tries to land his tee shot in a narrow fairway. “If it comes up in a tournament,” Woods said, “I control my mind that I’ve been there, done that. There’s no substitute for experience, but you can set yourself up to simulate some of the emotions you might feel on the course. Woods is a superstar who thrives in difficult conditions. Even when he trains, he puts himself in the worst possible situation to see what he can do.






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