Koo is the highest level of KIA… Hidden card label is off, Yoo Seung-chul and the excitement of KIA meet

Kia’s new pitching coach, Jung Jae-hoon, watched a pitcher pitch out of the bullpen and threw out a few words. As if that wasn’t enough, he also asked them to take turns batting in the right and left field. It was a way to maximize the effectiveness of his bullpen pitching, but he also wanted to see the pitcher’s pitches from a batter’s perspective.

Chung’s eyes were drawn to KIA right-hander Yoo Seung-chul (25). “His delivery is very good,” Chung said with a smile and satisfaction as he explained, “It’s important that what you see in the bullpen translates to what you see on the mound.” At the Okinawa finalization camp, which has been underway since the 1st, he is proving why he is receiving the attention of the clubs. Kia manager Kim Jong-guk also gave a thumbs-up, saying, “His delivery has always been good.”

In fact, it’s not the first time Yoo Seung-chul has received such praise. The 2017 first-round pick out of Hyochon High School has been praised for his fastball ever since he was in high school. He was praised for his ability to deliver the same fastball with different amounts of force. When he pitched out of the bullpen at the Okinawa spring training camp in February, he was praised as having “the best fastball among the players here today.”

With the advancements in tracking systems, we now know why Yoo has gotten such praise. It’s not just the restraint associated with his pitches, but also his rotation and vertical movement. To a certain extent, he was born with it. It’s not easy to find a pitcher who has good rotation and vertical movement at the same time, but Yoo has it all. It’s not even close to the level of Kim Ki-hoon, Lee Yi-ri and Jeon Sang-hyun, who are the best in the team and at the top of the league. The team has high hopes for him.

However, it’s a shame that he hasn’t been able to translate that into first-team results. Since his professional debut, he has appeared in 64 games for the first team, but his ERA of 5.55 is nothing special. This year, he was highly touted during spring training, but he only played one game in the first team. His poor second-team performance pushed him down the list of first-team priorities, no matter how much potential he has. In the end, you need to perform to get a chance. Yoo Seung-chul is well aware of this.

He started the season with high expectations, but he didn’t live up to them. In fact, he admits that he had his own insecurities. “Even then, I thought the ball was good, but I didn’t know why, I didn’t know how I was throwing it, I didn’t have it. I didn’t have it. I just kept thinking about it and didn’t think about the batter,” he said honestly. Then injury struck: he tore his vastus lateralis muscle in practice and was sidelined for a long time. 카지노사이트

The combination of not knowing what he was doing and the injury made time fly by. Fortunately, Yoo Seung-cheol says he was able to get out of the gap quickly with the help of those around him. “After returning from injury, there was a process of finding out what I was good at, and Coach Lee Sang-hwa helped me a lot. I kept practicing, and now I have Coach Jung Jae-hoon. The know-how that Coach Jung has taught me and what I’ve been doing so far are perfectly connected, so I feel like I’m learning what it is little by little.”

It may seem like there’s nothing left of the year, but Yoo cherishes it. He said that he studied a lot in the process of finding his own things rather than having someone teach him. He takes solace in the fact that it was a year to become a bigger player in the future. “I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I think this season was the time I grew the most. “I had a lot of disappointments, but when I tasted failure, I thought about what to do in this situation, and when someone helped me from the side, my ears opened,” he said.

His pitches are still good. It shows in the data. But Yoo says he’s been too obsessed with the data. Pitchers don’t fight tracking data. The opponent is the hitter. It was a year of realizing that. “It’s not about how fast the ball is, but how to fight with the batter. I learned that this year,” he said, adding, “You have to be able to distract the batter, but I think I was trying to throw fastballs just because of the data, and I was just immersed in, ‘I have a good fastball, so I have to use it, and the ball has to rise. I wasn’t mature enough,” he said, foreshadowing his change.

As a player with many failures, the diagnosis is relatively clear. Yoo concluded that he had a “high strikeout rate.” “I practice throwing my fastball low. I realized that my changeup listens better when I throw it low. I’m satisfied with my progress so far. I plan to use my slider more as a distraction, as well as my curveball, which has the opposite spin to my fastball. He also wants to learn how to throw a forkball against lefties, as his coach, Jae-hoon Jung, threw a forkball well. Yoo’s face was filled with excitement as he realized his strengths and weaknesses.

“I’m very positive right now,” he laughed when asked if the future looks promising. “Whether the results are good or bad, I want to test this feeling in the real world, but it would be a shame if I couldn’t play. There are so many things I want to try,” he concludes. He is determined to maintain this excitement, work hard during the off-season, and try throwing without a circle next year. As excited as Yoo is, Kia’s excitement is growing. Seven years is enough for the hidden card tag.






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