Choo Shin-soo for Impact, Park Chan-ho for Reality, and Lee Ho-joon—Loud SSG Directors

Shinsoo Choo, Chanho Park, and Hojun Lee….

These are the names that have recently been mentioned as possible candidates for the next head coach of the SSG Landers. From Choo Shin-soo, who played in the postseason (PS) as a player in an SSG uniform just a few days ago, to Major League Baseball legend Park Chan-ho, and LG Twins hitting coach Lee Ho-joon, who is about to start the Korean Series (KS), SSG has been mentioned as a possible managerial candidate.

SSG has officially said “no” to the speculation about Choo Shin-soo and Park Chan-ho. SSG head coach Kim Sung-yong said of Choo Shin-soo, “The active player is not a candidate.” Park Chan-ho is also reported to have said through acquaintances that he “has nothing to do with the SSG head coach.”

More recently, LG coach Lee Ho-joon has emerged as a possible candidate. Lee, who is in his second season with LG, was also rumored to be a candidate for SSG’s head coach during the season. 카지노사이트

SSG has officially denied the rumors. “It’s not true at all (that we have named Lee Ho-joon as our next head coach),” SSG President Kim Sung-yong told the publication. “The playoffs (for the KT Wiz and NC Dinos) have just ended and we are about to enter the Korean Series. We are in the midst of the ‘fall baseball’ feast, and we don’t know how embarrassed we are.”

Coach Lee is a former power hitter who batted .282 with 337 home runs and 1265 RBIs in 2053 career KBO games. He was recognized for his leadership as he served as captain of the SK Wyverns, SSG’s predecessor. He also excelled as a hitting coach for the NC and LG first teams. Lee also played 12 seasons with the Incheon SK.

SSG doesn’t deny that Lee is a strong candidate for the job. Unlike when Choo Shin-soo or Park Chan-ho were rumored to be in the running, Kim Sung-yong admitted that “Lee Ho-joon is among the candidates for the head coach position.” “We haven’t even selected the final (2-3) candidates yet,” he said, adding, “We don’t know if (Lee) will be included in the final list or not. We plan to select the final interview candidates after the KS ends.”

Some have speculated that Lee’s current team, LG, is preparing for the Korean Series, so they may not be able to announce a coach out of respect. It is customary in baseball to not announce the coaching staff of a team playing in the postseason. In fact, LG conveyed its displeasure to the SSG team when reports about ‘Coach Lee Ho-joon’s appointment as SSG manager’ appeared, and the SSG team apologized.

SSG fired head coach Kim Won-hyung on March 31. After announcing a three-year renewal right after winning the Wire-to-Wire last year, the team terminated the contract with two years left on the contract. The team decided that change and innovation were needed.

SSG owner Chung Yong-jin made a comment on his social media late in the regular season to a fan calling for Kim Won-hyung’s firing, saying, “Wait and see.” The head coach search was in full swing. Choo Shin-soo and Park Chan-ho’s coaching speculations were also heavily influenced by their personal relationship with Chung. More recently, Lee Ho-joon apologized to other clubs for his coaching comments.






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