‘I’m the Real Payer’ T1 wins 1 set over BLG

As if spurred on by the first game’s “PalaPaker,” “RealPaker” Faker led his teammates in a dominant performance to take down their LCK nemesis, BLG.

In the fourth round match of the Swiss Stage of the League of Legends World Championship, which was held at KBS Arena in Seoul from 4:00 p.m. on the 28th, T1 took the lead with a set score of 1-0 in a battle of pride between the Korean (T1) and Chinese (BLG) second seeds.

  • Banpik

On the blueside, T1 picked Zeus (Nar)-Owner (Jarvan)-Faker (Azir)-Kumayushi (Sena)-Keria (Tam Kenchi), banning Maokai-Niko-Jax-Lakhan-Sejuani.

BLG picked Vin (Renekton) – Shun (Nidalee) – Yagao (Oriana) – Elk (Kaisa) – On (Rell) and banned Rumble – Jaya – Renata – Alista – Caitlin.

Overall, Nidalee and Sena-Tam Kenchi, the matchup of friends who can’t coexist, was a highlight. One champion needs time, another doesn’t, and we’re left to wonder who the winner will be.

  • The play

The first game saw BLG trying to counterjungle with time on their side. However, T1 took two kills (Shun-Elk) one-sidedly, pushing the clock forward on their already short opponents.

The bottom lane became a battleground in the early stages of the game.

At around the four-minute mark, Shun’s gank resulted in the death of Keria (Tom Kench). This was followed by an engagement that extended to the mid lane, but the subsequent engagement ended without casualties.

The key moment of the game came in the ninth minute with a messenger-mid engagement. SKT got two kills thanks to Faker’s dominant performance.

Kumayushi first landed a Last Embrace (W) on her opponent On (Lel), followed by Faker’s (Azir) super toss on top of it.

This SuperToss caused On (Rell) to be the first to fall, and Yagao (Oriana), who was trying to angle from behind, was taken down by Kumayushi’s (Sena) snipe. It was only natural for the messenger to turn to T1.

With Faker in action, Zeus (Nar) also picked up a solo kill from the top lane around the 11th minute.

In the 21st minute, Zeus was taken down by his opponent near BLG’s blue, but it was a one-kill game, no more, no less.

In the 26th minute, the game was effectively over. T1, outnumbered and on top of the baron, won the 4-5 engagement to claim the baron.

T1 perfectly capitalized on their opponent’s weakness of not having a tank by taking down On, who was sucked in first, followed by Elk (Kaisa)-Shun (Nidalee), who was sucked forward, and Vin (Renekton), who was left alone in the follow-up. Needing a must-win initiation, BLG blew a 5-4 game with a numerical advantage, setting up a back-and-forth game.

T1 continued to push into BLG’s lane, blowing up their opponent in 28 minutes to end the game. 짱구카지노 도메인






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