Who is Jeong Min-sung, the Gunsan Sang-Ilgo ace who defeated the strongest baseball?

“I don’t know how this guy made it to the fourth round.”

On the 23rd of this month, the Choi Kang Baseball program aired on JTBC, showing the Monsters baseball team losing 2-3 to Gunsan Sangil High School. With confidence high after four straight wins, the team faced this year’s President’s Cup winners, but the Monsters’ OBs were brought to their knees by rookie Jung Min-sung, who struck out 10. His 150-kilometer fastball was one thing, but his exquisite slider, which was both inside and outside the zone, was already at a high school level.

At the Presidential Games, Jung’s sharpness helped him win two awards, including MVP and Most Valuable Pitcher. Even the strongest baseball OBs had no chance against him.

So when Jung Min-sung came down to the fourth round, everyone was surprised. It was normal for him to be drafted in the second round at the earliest, and within the third round at the latest. It was not unreasonable for Samsung’s scouting team to check his name several times before the fourth round pick.

While the broadcast highlighted his slider, his biggest strength is his straight fastball. His fastball, which comes from good body mechanics, is outstanding. If he can control his fastball and changeup, he could definitely earn a spot on the Samsung mound. Especially since Samsung has been without a post-Oh Seung-hwan for so long, one of the rookies will have to step up to the plate. LG’s Ko Woo-seok was also a complete game starter when he was in Chungam High School. Depending on his development, he can be used as an all-weather.

The fact that Jung Min-sung was able to win against professional OBs should give him a lot of confidence. Samsung fans who have been watching the KBO are also excited to see him join the team. 안전놀이터

Last year, Chungam’s left-hander Yoon Young-chul (KIA) came close to winning the Rookie of the Year award after his dominant performance against the KBO’s OBs. This year, it was Gunsan’s Jung Min-sung. It will be interesting to see if he can roar on the Samsung mound next season like Yoon did.






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