Shin Ji-Ae’s 64-win streak since debut… “Hard work and controlling my strengths and weaknesses is the secret”

“I didn’t try to outdo myself, I was careful to control my intensity, and I worked hard.”

Shin Ji-ae, 36, reveals the secret to her longevity. Since her professional debut, Shin has won 64 times on tours around the world, the most of any Korean man or woman. If she wins the Japan Ladies Professional Golf (JLPGA) Tour money list, she will become an unprecedented three-time winner on the world’s top three tours.

Shin arrived in the country to compete in the BMW Ladies Championship on the U.S. Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour, which begins on Sept. 19 at Seowon Valley CC in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

At the official press conference held at the Seowon Hills Clubhouse on the 17th, two days before the start of the tournament, Shin said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in a domestic tournament, so I’ve been excited since I decided to participate,” adding, “I was also nervous. It’s a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time, but I’m enjoying it.”

When asked about the secret to her steady performance without a slump since her professional debut, she said, “I think it’s the same for other athletes to practice consistently. And I avoid things that are not good for my body.”

He said that the mindset is equally important. “It’s important to control your strengths and weaknesses without trying to surpass yourself,” he said. I think this is a good time to have a good influence on the younger generation.”

One of the important things that sustains him is the idea that he should be able to contribute a little to the game of golf. 토토사이트

To his younger counterparts, he says, “I’m sure they all have similar concerns as golfers. I was trying to be sure on and off. You can’t just force it. I think it’s important how you take the power out,” he said, adding, “If you have any problems, I hope we can talk to each other because I welcome it.”

Ko, who is making her first appearance on the LPGA Tour since the CPKC Women’s Open in August, said, “I had a break with my parents in Korea. I spent my time away from golf thinking about what makes me happy in life. I had a good rest.” “I think I’ve spent 80 to 90 percent of my life playing golf. I am honored just to be here at the press conference with my sister Ji-ae, who has helped me a lot.”






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