Harry Kane: “I want Tottenham to win, it’s good to see them now…I’ll support them everywhere”

Harry Kane, who has been plagued by controversy over his pro-Tottenham comments since his departure, appears to be redeeming himself by referencing the origins of Tottenham’s title run.

Harry Kane, who played for Son Heung-min’s English Premier League side Tottenham until last season before moving to German giants Bayern Munich this summer, has praised Tottenham’s rise to the top of the league and offered his best wishes for the future.

Kane, who came under fire from pro-Tottenham fans after describing Spurs as a team lacking a “winning mentality” following their trip to Germany in July, has been working hard to show his true feelings about the club. Kane’s recent call-up to the England squad and training at Tottenham’s training center has only increased the interest in him. Kane, who has made a name for himself with the England national team, including speaking to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a visit to the team’s training center, has been polite when asked about Tottenham, expressing his support.

“I’ve made it clear that I want Tottenham to do well,” Kane said when asked about Spurs’ recent rise to sole possession of first place in the Premier League, according to the Independent.

Spurs have now won six and drawn two since their 1-0 win over Luton Town on July 7. With the same number of points and goal difference as Arsenal, but with a different goal difference, Spurs will finish top of the Premier League for the 2023/24 season. It’s an unusual feat considering that Tottenham hasn’t won a trophy in the 21st century, save for one League Cup.

After drawing 2-2 away at Brentford in their opening match on August 13, Spurs won 2-0 at home against Manchester United in the second round and 2-0 at home against Bournemouth in the third round, before winning 5-2 away at Burnley just before the September A-match break, with Son Heung-min netting a hat-trick.

They then picked up a point against a tough opponent after the international break. After a 2-1 home win over Sheffield United, Tottenham drew 2-2 with Arsenal in the North London derby thanks to a Son Heung-min multi-goal performance. They then beat Liverpool 2-1 at home to signal that their early-season whirlwind was a typhoon. In their most recent game away to Luton Town, they won 1-0 with one man down.

“I’m a Tottenham fan and I’ve made it clear throughout my career that I want to see Tottenham do well,” Kane said, according to the newspaper. “They’re doing pretty well. It’s great to see. As I’ve said before, (manager) Postecoglou is doing a great job with the way they’re playing,” Kane said in support.

He added: “The fans are right behind the team. It’s clear that’s what they needed (a league lead) in the last couple of years.” “I’ll always keep an eye on Tottenham and the Premier League. Of course, there’s still a long way to go, but as the manager said, there’s no reason why the fans shouldn’t be excited and happy with the situation, and hopefully it can continue.”

Kane in particular echoed Spurs’ desperation, saying that “there is no team in the Premier League that I want to beat more than Tottenham”.

“I knew that when Tottenham were doing well, there would definitely be questions,” he said. “Of course I want Tottenham to do as well as possible, but my main focus is on where I am now and trying to play for Bayern,” he added, wishing him well in Munich and Spurs well in the Premier League.

Earlier, Kane was embroiled in speculation ahead of last month’s European Championship qualifier against Ukraine.

“As a competitor, I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt a little bit when your teammates are playing in the Champions League and you’re sitting at home watching it,” Kane said. “Of course I want them to do well. Kyle Walker and his teammates have won a competition I don’t play in. But part of me wants to have that experience too. There is a different pressure in Munich than I felt at Tottenham. Of course I wanted to win at Tottenham, but it was not a disaster at Tottenham because we didn’t win a few games,” he said.

“In Munich, you have to win every game. We won the first two games 4-0 and 3-1, but I’m still not happy with the way we played. That’s one of the ways to be one of the best clubs in the world. But we’ve made a good start and I’m enjoying the different emotions. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to move,” he said.

However, Tottenham fans responded to Kane’s comments, with one saying, “Kane you were in the Champions League final, we had several cup semi-finals and finals and a season where we were in contention for the league title” and another pointing out, “There were good teams around you, but you had several chances to win the title and you didn’t show anything in the final”.

Another fan added: “Kane played in two League Cup finals. He had a chance to win a trophy with us, but he didn’t show up when it mattered,” “All Kane needs to do is be quiet and respectful,” and “Kane, you scored one goal from the penalty spot in eight Champions League games last season. Even Thierry Henry (2 goals in 6 games) scored more than you,” mocking Kane.

Spurs fans felt betrayed by the move, with one saying, “The striker who has been responsible for Tottenham’s goals for over a decade has gone out of his way to criticize his former club.”

“Tottenham is a team I’ve always watched and will always watch for the rest of my life,” Kane said ahead of last month’s North London derby against Arsenal, adding, “I’m happy to see them doing well. The fans seem to like it and are happy,” he said.

“I hope they do well in the upcoming big game (the derby against Arsenal),” he concluded. However, the intensity of the “not winning a few games is not a disaster” comment was so strong that fans were unable to defuse their anger when the origins of the win over Arsenal were discussed.

Against this backdrop, Kane expressed how impressed he was with Tottenham’s rise to the top of the table and hoped they would win the title.

The English Premier League’s website has also tipped Tottenham to win the title, so all eyes will be on them after the October A-match break.

“Under Postecoglou, Spurs have climbed to the top of the table after eight games, their best start in the competition’s history,” the Premier League explained, “and of the 31 teams that have led after eight rounds so far, an interesting 12 have lifted the Premier League trophy, giving them a 39% chance of winning the title.”

“Even with Arsenal, Man City, and Liverpool chasing Spurs, Spurs fans should feel confident that they can lift the trophy in May 2024.”

“However, the majority of teams that lead by eight rounds don’t go on to win the title,” he continued, “and the teams chasing them all have more experience than Spurs of trying to win the title from a higher position.” He emphasized that it’s too early to write off the title.

It’s also worth noting that Spurs’ six wins have come against three promoted teams – Sheffield Wednesday, Luton and Burnley. That means they’ll be facing a lot of tougher teams in the future. Still, Tottenham’s draw at Arsenal and home win over Liverpool are indicative of their recent upward trend.

Meanwhile, Kane says he’s off to a good start in Munich and is looking forward to winning his first trophy. Kane has nine goals and five assists in nine games across the German Bundesliga and UEFA Champions League.

Sure, they’re in third place behind Bayer Leverkusen and Freiburg, but the goal difference between the two teams isn’t huge, so Munich can turn the tables at any time.

“I’ve been really happy from the start (since joining Munich),” Kane said. “Whenever you go to a new team, there’s a bit of pressure. Finding a house, living in a hotel, not traveling with your family, all of those are things you’re not used to, but I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve been able to start the way I have.” 토토사이트

In the Champions League, Munich has won two straight group games, including a 4-3 victory over Manchester United. In the Bundesliga, they are third with five wins and two draws. Kane is encouraged by the fact that even though Munich are not at the top of the Bundesliga, they are still unbeaten in both leagues this season, and that he is helping to keep them there.






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