Singles quarterfinals! ‘Piyak’ Shin Yoo-bin smiles again, “I have a bright expression.”

“I always have a bright face”.

After breaking down in tears following her 1-3 loss in the team event quarterfinals against Japan on Aug. 25 (local time), “Piyak Yi” Shin Yubin has returned to her bright smile.

The South Korean completed a 4-0 sweep against Singapore’s Zheng Jian in the women’s table tennis singles round of 16 at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Monday at the Gungshu Canal Sports Park Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China.

When asked after the match at the Mix Zone if she seemed to have brightened up, she laughed and said, “I’m always cheerful.”

무지개토토 “The team event was already over, and I got the medal I wanted, so I was able to prepare (for the next match) in a good mood. I was stressed because I was frustrated with some aspects of my game, but I thought about what was wrong and prepared myself, which led to a good result in today’s match.”

Did Shin face any physical challenges as she played four matches on the 28th, including the round of 32 women’s singles, round of 16 mixed doubles, round of 32 women’s doubles, and quarterfinals of mixed doubles?

“I’ve gotten used to playing all the sports,” Shin said, laughing at the schedule of taking the first train out and the last train in. I don’t have any physical problems. Yesterday, I played four matches, but today I played three (women’s singles, women’s main event, and mixed doubles), so I don’t feel like I’m playing a lot,” she smiled.

When asked why she struggled a bit in the second set, she said, “My opponent suddenly changed her game plan and I panicked a little bit, but I found my way back and the rest of the match went well.”

He broke down in tears after the team event quarterfinal loss to Japan, but was comforted by his family. “My dad and sister congratulated me on my first medal in Korea. I was happy to tell them at home, ‘Oh, I won a bronze medal at the Asia Games,’” he said. “There were some matches that weren’t easy, and I’m really grateful to my sisters who didn’t play but supported me from behind.”

Shin Yubin also said, “I didn’t realize it was Chuseok today. When I saw my dad and sister together, I thought, ‘Why are they together,’ but I forgot that it was Chuseok. They wake up earlier than me every morning, send me cheerful texts, and cheer me on every game, so I’m really grateful to them.”






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