Messi: “I was the only player who was not welcomed at my club (PSG) after winning the World Cup”

Lionel Messi, 36, has spoken openly about his relationship with his former club.

Messi left FC Barcelona in 2021 after the club’s financial problems prevented them from retaining his services. He then moved to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), where he won the 2022 World Cup. After falling out with some PSG fans, he left for Inter Miami FC, where he is now happily playing soccer. 무지개토토

On February 22, Messi was interviewed by Olga’s comedian, Migue Granados, and according to Forbes, which published the same day, Messi said, “I didn’t want to leave Barça. But everything happens for a reason and (the situation) was such that I had to leave,” he said honestly.

Messi also spoke about his conflict with former club PSG after the World Cup. Messi won the World Cup with France over PSG in the final, which caused some fans to turn against him.

“It was understandable. We (Argentina) were the country that won the World Cup, and it was our fault that they (France) didn’t become champions again. I was the only one of the 26 players in Argentina’s World Cup-winning squad who was not welcomed back by the team.”






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