Lee Shin-young Makes History… Korea’s First World 3-Cushion Queen

Lee Shin-young has made history in Korean billiards by becoming the first Korean woman to be crowned World Women’s 3-Cushion Queen.

Lee Shin-young (43, Chungnam Billiards Federation) defeated world No. 5 Yuko Nishimoto 30:18 (26 games) in the final of the 11th World Women’s 3 Cushion Championship in Ankara, Turkey, on Thursday. It was her first world title in nine years after finishing third at the 2014 event. It was also the best result for Korea in the Women’s 3 Cushion at the World Championships (runner-up).

Previously, South Korean athletes have finished second at the World Women’s 3 Cushion Championships twice (2016, 17) and once (2022). In men’s 3-cushion, Choi Sung-won won the 2014 World Championship, while in pool, Kim Ga-young was the World Champion in 2004, 2006 (over 9-ball) and 2012 (10-ball).

Averaging 1.153 in the final, a flawless performance
3rd place Ha Eun Kim, Miriam Pruim Emens
After two runner-up finishes (2012 and 2014) without a win, Nishimoto reached the final for the first time in nine years, but was stopped by Lee Shin-young. Third place went to Ha Eun Kim and Miriam Fruim Emens (21st, Netherlands).

In the final, Lee dominated her opponent with a perfect 1.153 average. In the quarterfinals, she defeated the ‘World’s Strongest’ Teresa Klompenhauer 30:14 in 23 games.

Lee ‘Seon-gong’ Shin-young unleashed an early onslaught. She scored one in the first, two in the second, two in the fourth, and a high-scoring six in the sixth to make it 11:3. He added five more runs in the eighth and ninth innings to extend his lead to 16:4. It took just nine innings to complete the first half. This was a similar pace to his quarterfinal match against Klompenhauer (18:5 lead after nine games).

Nishimoto, who is characterized by her precise shots, was unable to capitalize on her advantage, at least until the middle of the final.

Lee didn’t let up on the offensive after that. She extended the lead to 21:5 with four points in the 13th.

However, Nishimoto was not going to go down easily. She rattled off eight points in three innings (14-16) to close the gap to eight points (13:21). Lee’s five consecutive points in five innings (14-18) came at the right time. Nishimoto, who was down 9:21 in the fourth round against Kim Ha-eun, fought back to win the match. 토토사이트

Just as Nishimoto’s offense was coming alive, Lee Shin-young delivered the decisive blow. In the 19th inning, he exploded for five runs to make it a double (26:13). It practically sealed the game.

Nishimoto tried to catch up with five runs in the last 21-22 innings, but that was it. Lee Shin-young scored her 29th point with a great boundary in the 25th for a 28:18 lead and her 30th point with a reverse in the 26th to announce the new world champion. It was her first world title in nine years after finishing third in 2014.






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