“If the conditions are right”…clubs change attitudes, more K-Leaguers head to Europe

There have been a number of Korean leaguers heading to Europe this summer. Players in a variety of positions, from national team striker Cho Kyu-sung (25, Mitwillan) to U20 players Bae Joon-ho (20, Stoke) and Kim Ji-soo (19, Brentford) to K League players Yang Hyun-joon (21) and Kwon Hyuk-kyu (22, Celtic), have challenged themselves on the European stage.

One of the reasons for the increase in the number of K-Leaguers going to Europe is the changed attitude of clubs. K League clubs, which were previously negative and passive about player transfers, have changed their attitudes, showing an openness to player transfers.

Daejeon Hana Citizen’s Bae Jun-ho left for England on the morning of the 28th through Incheon International Airport. Bae is expected to finalize a transfer agreement after undergoing a medical with English Championship (2nd Division) side Stoke City.

Despite the early hour, some of the club’s staff, including Daejeon Secretary General Lee Jo-young, came to see off Bae Jun-ho. A Daejeon club official said, “There is a symbolism of going to Europe after Hana Citizen took over the club. We are celebrating inside the club. We came to the airport to cheer him on.”

Daejeon was quick to talk to Stoke City during the transfer negotiations, which helped Bae Jun-ho reach Europe.

Bae Jun-ho is a U22 player, which is a card that Daejeon has utilized well this season. He’s also a highly marketable player, with his popularity growing both within Daejeon and around the K League. He had three years and six months left on his contract.

However, Daejeon made a decision. They decided that they would not block the player’s transfer as long as they could meet their own transfer fee. The club and parent company decided to prioritize the player’s future. In addition, Daejeon head coach Lee Min-sung was supportive of the player’s desire to play in Europe.

Bae Jun-ho is well aware of this. “I am very grateful that the club actively supported me during the transfer process. Thanks to them, I was able to leave with a good relationship,” he said.

It’s an example of the recent shift in attitudes toward player transfers in the Korean League. They don’t stop them.

When Cho Kyu-sung left for Mitwylan, Jeonbuk cooperated as much as possible to help him get to Europe. When Kim Ji-soo, Yang Hyun-joon, Kwon Hyuk-kyu, Lee Han-beom, and others chose to go to Europe, the clubs were open to the idea without being too concerned about their performance.

A soccer insider said, “In the past, K League clubs didn’t care much about making money. They were only concerned with their performance. However, the atmosphere has changed recently.” “Now, they are helping and approving players’ transfers as long as the conditions are right. This is definitely a positive change compared to the past.” 온라인카지노

Another official said, “The atmosphere has changed within the K-League as some clubs are making profits through outstanding prospects. Europe has also sensed this and is watching K-Leaguers with more interest and actively contacting them.” “If the players who went out this time are successful, it is expected that there will be a steady stream of players who go directly from the K-League to Europe,” he said.






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