Harden escalates feud rumors with Mori: “I put up with it all summer”

James Harden, 33, has said that his relationship with Philadelphia 76ers president Daryl Morey is irreparable.

Harden made the comments at the JH-TOWN Weekend event in Houston, Texas, on Sunday afternoon (Aug. 18).

In an interview with Houston local media outlet KHOU during the event, when asked if he had any patience for Mori, Harden said, “I held it in all summer. The only thing I can control now is my focus. And that’s to be in the best shape and be ready for next season.”

Harden’s relationship with Philadelphia has been problematic since he requested a trade. During a recent trip to China, Harden raised even more eyebrows when he twice called Morey a “liar” and said, “I’m not coming back to Philly as long as Morey is here.”

When asked if it was too late to repair his relationship with Philadelphia, Harden gave the answer most people expected: “I think so.” 메이저놀이터

Last season’s MVP and teammate Joel Embiid also asked Harden to stay with the team on multiple occasions, but he was stubborn. The situation is taking a turn for the worst, with Embiid leaving Philadelphia out of his social media bio on July 17.

Meanwhile, Harden, who played for the Houston Rockets, participated in the annual JH-TOWN Weekend event and this year donated to Houston’s Kerney Homes. Harden, who distributed 600 backpacks to children at Kearny Homes through his foundation, also announced plans to repair the basketball courts there.






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