T1 with a 2:1 advantage in engagement focus over DK

T1 took the win again to take a 2:1 lead. T1 used their best judgment to minimize their losses in the face of a potential early disadvantage, winning the late velocity to make it 2:1.

In the third set, Diflux Gia took the lead with a sharp mid gank by Rell on ‘Canyon’, who was joined by Azir on ‘Showmaker’ to take down Korki on ‘Faker’. After winning the dragon battle and a long battle in the tower, plus Kia began to take control of the global gold.

The silver lining for T1, however, was that they were able to accumulate two stacks of dragons first, and while T1 was taking small losses with each engagement, they were not losing much operationally, with a kill score of 3:10 at the 21-minute mark, but little in the way of global gold 안전놀이터.

DePlus Kia made a bold Baron decision and succeeded in getting a Baron kill, but T1 was able to pick off their key dealers, Azir and Varus. The momentum started to shift in T1’s favor, and after taking the initiative on the dealer and side, T1 was able to get the first Baron kill and win the battle.

T1 continued to push their opponents all the way to the dragon fight, taking the dragon soul and sealing the victory. Difluxia were all dead with the exception of Lakhan on ‘Kellin’, allowing T1 to destroy the nexus as it was, giving them match point at 2:1.






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